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Dxck DEV #4

The new year was and is and it is time to begin working again. We will be discussing some important topics happening early this year so hang on tight and stick around!

1. The Art Contest

First let’s start with the Genesis Collection of 1/1 Dxcks. Our art contest winner and participants will receive the prize and POAP badges this week. The prize is 1/1 Custom Dxck based on the winning entry. Every participant will also get a participant POAP badge.

2. State of Genesis & XMas Collections

The Genesis collection as a whole looks pretty good right now with only a couple Dxcks being on sale below floor price. We want to keep it that way, so we will be ending supply of all 1/1 for now to leave space for our next collection and keep our holders safe. So if you are holding a Dxck, it is great news since there wont be more coming for a while. There are still five Genesis Dxcks for sale at floor price, and after that the collection is completely sold out. The Dxcks you all currently hold will serve as claim tokens as tested in the XMas Collection. It is a great way for us to grant value to the initial holders and still develop new NFT projects in the future. So what is the difference between the Genesis collection and the Xmas collection Dxcks? The genesis collection will have more perks than just being a claim token but those we will announce as we delve into 2022. XMas Dxcks only perk is one claim token each for the next Dxcks collection.

That being said the XMas collection minting will close entirely during January. Once Polygon issues have been solved, we will keep the collection open for couple more days and then close minting. So you still have a chance to grab one!

3. Q1/ Early Q2/2022

Now it is time to talk about our future. Rubber Dxcks as a brand feels really good but currently needs better scalability. During the initial launch we were just developing and made some minor mistakes ,but at the same time taken into account the size of our collection: The hype was there, we sold out the initial drop in minutes and still have those early adopters around us, So now it is only a question of making this project bolder.

Some of the upcoming stuff this year:

  • New Dxck collection

  • Improvements to website

  • Board game research & development

  • Utility token launch

  • Brand update

  • Another potential non Dxck NFT project

  • Discord improvements

  • Achievements

That is all very broad an large, so it will take time to develop. But we will begin releasing teasers as soon as possible! We want to keep you updated and build up some hype for our next additions to our Dxck empire. The next collection will definitely be astronomically cool and going straight to the moon.

All of the above are subject to change and are still part of the development, so no 100% promises on which will come first and which are going to happen at all. We will do our best to deliver our collectors what they deserve!

That's it for now! Hopefully that covered some things that we are working on currently. Now it is time to roll up the sleeves and actually begin working on these things. Thanks for tuning in and remember to RUBD!

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