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Dxck DEV #3

Another month has passed in the NFT land, full of highs, lows, Thanksgivings and black Fridays. Now everything is starting to cool off and we are preparing to move straight into the winter season! Christmas is just around the corner about 3 weeks away and time goes fast when you have your hands full so lets see what we have in store!

There are couple things currently ongoing that are ending/beginning 1st of December, but as the Christmas event has not yet met the standards we were looking for it is being pushed back a bit until further notice. Hopefully we can release it during the first week of December. Speaking of which lets talk about our Xmas event.

Rubber Xmas

The plan was to execute an advent calendar for our beloved collectors, but due to some development challenges we have to reconsider and have something similar done in a different way to deliver a similar festive experience!

Ethereum gas fees are still high up, not worst but still very high and to combat this we are excited to announce that Rubber Dxcks Xmas will be our first experimental event on the Polygon network. This will also be our first smart contract to see how we can bring this collection further. There are already plans that have been considered for next year and now we just need to find the right platform to execute it on. Having this small extended collection on Polygon network is a good way to test out different possibilities and explore new ways we can deliver same high quality art to collectors. One way or another, each current Rubber Dxck holder will be able to claim one or multiple (TBD) Xmas Dxcks free of charge!

To have this more accessible to collectors, we will keep the event's minting price relatively low to gain more engagement with the community. The Xmas collection is very limited so do not expect 20,000 Dxcks hitting the market. This is to keep our current collection valuable and holders safe. But more on this once we have everything set up and ready to rock and roll.

Far Future Plans

Apart from Xmas, there have been initial thoughts being put into a Rubber Dxcks physical card/board game. This is still very, very early in development and research that we are not yet ready to discuss further specific details. But this will be part of the agenda during 2022. Once we have the first version ready we will partner up with a printing company here in Finland Once this has been developed far enough to share, we are going to be in touch with our holders to work together on features and alpha/beta testing. It is important to shape these things as a community and work towards the greater good.

Art Contest & Closing Words

Last but not least the art contest! As we push back on the Xmas event we are also going to further extend the submission window by 24 hours! So in total you have 48 hours left to submit your entry to our twitter thread.


Thank you for understanding! This is a lot going on, some of it will take time and this is not even everything. Expect further update during the upcoming days and remember to rubd!

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