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Dxck DEV #2

It is again time to put our amazing community back on track about what is going on behind the scenes and around the NFT space in general. Let's get into it.

1. Halloween Event Wrap-up

Halloween shenanigans are now over worldwide and so are we with our very own event. Everything went very smoothly and overall we are happy how the event turned out. Pretty much as we planned.

The Halloween Special Edition Dxck auction was a huge success as well regardless of some mishaps with bidding and we congratulate the new owner for such a fantastic piece, At the same time we would like to thank everyone who participated in the auction.

Last but not least, we are now giving out the POAP badges to everyone who participated in our Discord invite contest and reached a certain tier with the amount of invites they sent. Regarding receiving the badges, please be cautious about the links you receive either from us or other Discord users. More about this in the next section.

2. Scam Alert

There has been an increasing amount of scams and hacked Discord servers in the NFT space lately and we would like to inform you about the security measures you should take into account. We admins will never message you with invites to another server or giveaway within Discord. Please only use the official links we have provided in our "INFO" section. That is the safest way to navigate inside our collection platforms. Never share your security key or seed phrase anywhere or with anyone. and similar scams are really well made and look very real so it is fairly easy to fall for one. Always make sure to check if the bot is the proper one. You can also see if the website you're on has the correct domain certificate. All of those things greatly decrease the chances of getting scammed. badges will be given out through DM's and we have stated that in our official announcement. Please take a minute to ensure that the POAP website is or just To close off this section, below you can see all the POAP Badges we are giving out to the participants depending on tier.

3. Bear Market & High Gas

We are aware that current state of the NFT market is quite slow and quiet due to immensely high gas prices and popularity of various cryptocurrencies. The high gas price makes it extremely difficult to mint or move assets without losing a lot of your valuable ETH, so we are keeping our eyes on how the situation will develop and go from there. Fortunately we are in a really good state with our holders and the collection as a whole. Floor price is not dropping as compared to many other large projects ad we are really thankful for that, We definitely do not want to rush out our releases and will keep you informed if we postpone any drops due to the high gas. Last thing we want our collectors to experience is literally throwing money away. Would be a shame if you had to spend so much on the transaction fees rather than the NFT. We will try to work around that as well as we can. So far we have scheduled our next drop this upcoming Friday, but this might be subject to change.


Hopefully this covers some of the ongoing events! We will keep everyone informed about what is coming next. Now we wanted to address the most important stuff and prioritize our community's safety. Stay safe and keep your Dxcks up!

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