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Dxck DEV #1

It has been a crazy ride since we started a bit over a month ago and the launch of our hilarious project could not have gone better. So at this point first thing we want to say is a huge thank you to everyone who has so far been part of the Dxck gang.

Right now lets get into what's coming ahead of us. We have had a lot of interaction between users in our Discord community and as we know the importance of social media nowadays, we are currently working hard to create a pleasant server for everyone to enjoy.

During the last week you have seen us add different bots to improve quality of life and at the same time drive the server into a more interesting direction. Currently the next big things that are on their way are our own currency accompanied by a discord shop where you can spend your tokens and receive different rewards. The rewards will range from quite small and simple to possibly something more substantial, but currently that is all we can share with you regarding the shop - more to come. We are also working on improving perks of our different roles for them to feel more unique and special. We think that roles should be slightly more than just roles, especially the ones which show us your commitment to our project.

Otherwise our Discord channel is currently in a really good state. We feel like keeping our community slightly smaller but more genuine is the better approach compared to flooding it with inactive users just to raise the member count.

Outside of social media, we are working on couple larger things that are in the works and will go live soon.

1. Halloween Event

Halloween is just around the corner and we haven't forgot about it. We have great things bubbling in the rub-tub as we say. The event will take place during October and we are launching it 15th of October. So next Friday. The event will have some Dxcks for all interested individuals, couple giveaways and more. So stay tuned for that.

2. Achievement Drops

One thing which we feel like is important in any game, hobby or activity in general is the feeling of achievement. The feeling when you have been working really hard on something and you get rewarded for it once you succeed is the coolest thing ever. That is why we want to bring the same sensation into our collection.

Here is a sneak peek of what's to come. Everything is so far subject to change.

Achievement drops will be minted to each collector once they achieve a certain milestone. This will be an Opensea NFT and will be then part of your collection to show off. Besides the visual message that you will send with the achievements within our collection, each of the achievement NFT's will work as a pass that you can use to later claim cool things with. We really try to give back to those who decide to be part of this project.


That's everything for now! hopefully this was an informative read. We are looking forward to share more interesting things with you in the future. All future updates will be linked to our

Discord so keep your eyes open and Dxcks up!

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