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The whole NFT space can sometimes seem really overwhelming for newcomers, but

everything is much easier than you might think. This is our step by step guide on how

to setup your mandatory things for purchasing, collecting and selling our beloved Dxcks.

We also cover some things to take into account while acquiring NFTs. This guide is made for collectibles available on Opensea and covers the basics of acquiring an NFT. 

Step 1: Setting up a crypto wallet:

Make sure you have a crypto wallet set up. We are going to use Metamask wallet. Download the Extension for Chrome here and install it. The extension is installed once you see the fox logo in the upper right corner. Proceed there to complete the mandatory prompts to create your wallet. You can also use other wallets, but we suggest doing some research before doing so.


Make sure you store your 12 seed words in a safe place where you can

later access them to recover your account. This is very important.

Step 2: Creating an Opensea account:

Next go to Opensea and click My profile in the upper right corner. Opensea will immediately prompt you to connect your wallet. You will use your wallet credentials to log in from now on. Once that is done, you’re good to go!

Opensea is the platform where all your collectibles will be stored in. There you can control your collection, buy and sell NFT's.

Step 3: Transferring cryptocurrency:

To purchase Rubber Dxcks, you need to transfer some Ethereum to your wallet. You can buy and transfer cryptocurrency such as Ethereum easily from Coinbase. Go to your wallet by clicking the fox icon and copy your wallet address. Then go to Coinbase and send your desired amount of Ethereum using that address as recipient.


Make sure you transfer enough for the initial price (currently 0.04 ETH) and some for the transaction fee. Transaction fees occur when you buy or sell an NFT. You can read more about gas here.

Now its only up to you to decide which of our wonderful Dxcks tickles your fancy and spend some Ethereum on it to have it in your own collection for as long as you want. We try to keep our floor price relatively low to give everyone a chance to have one. You can find our collection of Dxcks by going to the "Opensea" tab on the navigation bar.

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