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Rubber Dxcks as a collection is something that should be taken with a huge grain of salt and a good sense of humor. Unlike other projects, we like to differentiate ourselves as more traditional artists. Rubber Dxcks as a collection features highly curated pieces of art, which are meant to represent feelings and moods of a certain theme or a place in time.


Every single Rubber Dxcks NFT is unique and goes through a very detailed creation process where all of the assets for the piece are custom made to fit the feel and look of that specific piece. No automatic generation, no layers to be toggled by code. Pure hand-made art.

We created this website in order to share our exclusive collection with fellow NFT enthusiasts and the general public. In addition, We also provide insights and information to people interested in starting a collection of their own. Many people out there collect one thing or another - whether it’s for amusement, profit or both. No matter what you’re looking for, our collection is here to inspire.

We are excited about the time we are living in where digital art has become more and more mainstream and hope that our project will bring you joyful and wholesome moments while you explore our vast Rubber Dxcks community. Thanks for reading and see you around!

Arsky & Eli

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